Over the past couple of months we have been taking the Innovation Launch Pad on the road to give you a chance to meet Launch Pad technologies face to face.

Here is a recap of the action from our last two outings at HouseParty 2017 and HQN’s Business Transformation Taking Flight

HouseParty 17

HACT has brought HouseParty back after a year off with HouseParty’s Tea Party at the NHF conference in Birmingham. The Launch Pad was featured amongst an eclectic programme that included cupcake decorating and  indoor tennis (sorry about the light bulbs NHF!) alongside discussions on how to re-purpose and reinvigorate spaces in our communities.


The Launch Pad brought down 4 technologies for ‘Tech and  Tea’ at 10.15 – an opportunity for the housing sector to get round a table and see first hand how our Launch Pad innovations work. The session was an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about problems new technology can help solve and understand the business case for implementation.

The technologies featured were Cube9Desing, Alcove, Ally Chatbot and Pilon.

HouseParty is an opportunity to engage with new ideas and new people in an informal and creative way, a chance to think outside of the constraints of our everyday work environment and find new approaches to the challenges we face as individual organisations and as a sector as a whole.

Next year HACT will be back with a bigger and better HouseParty so look out for your invite next year!

HQN – Business Transformation Taking Flight

HQN invited the Launch Pad down to join their first business transformation conference in Brighton. The conference brought together HA and Local authority Chief Execs and Business Change leads to explore the factors behind successful change programmes both within and outside the housing sector.

The Launch Pad session saw pitches from 4 technologies followed by live demos of their tech. It was a first run out for Switchee and Klevio both of whom went down well with the audience.

Klevio’s smart lock live demo gave housing providers a chance to see how remote access control could ensure first time access to contractors and gas servicing engineers. The technology could transform the voids process with potential savings through vastly more efficient key management plus the ability to have an audit-able record of who has accessed a property and when.

Switchee were able to share the amazing progress they have made piloting the their smart thermostat with a number of housing providers over the last year. The audience then had the chance to see their insights dashboard up close and ask how the solution could be applied in their specific business context.

For a great summary of  the day’s main takeaway points check out the blog from Paul Taylor, Bromford’s Innovation Coach:

The Launch Pad will be out and about at more events soon – so for your chance to meet our great innovations up close follow us on twitter or join the Launch Pad mailing list!