Telljo is a digital tool to help identify and engage vulnerable residents, providing them with automated signposting to improve their wellbeing and sustain their tenancies. Telljo takes users through a simple digital assessment which is completed on a tenants smartphone.  The answers alongside time to complete each question is assessed and a vulnerability score assigned. Alongside this score automated signposting routes are suggested to the resident. Housing providers can include their own services alongside local and national support services.

The product consists of a data collection tool and analytics platform to engage with residents. They use a unique set of questions designed with a clinical psychologist that aim to accurately flag to the HA who needs help and how they can be supported. The dashboard can currently visualise instances of vulnerability on a map and show which residents have clicked through to automated signposting services.

Telljo are going live with a pilot project with Notting hill Genesis as well as providing the service in sectors such as utilities and banking.

Housing Providers that get involved now will receive 50 free assessments in return for supporting the development of the product at this early stage – to find out more get in touch.

HACT’s View:

What makes Telljo different from other tools used for identifying vulnerability is the focus on the outcomes for those identified. It’s great to use data analytics to find vulnerable residents but it only really matters if you can take effective action to support them.

Telljo will be using the tool and platform to assess the effectiveness of different referral routes helping to build an evidence base for future interventions and helping HAs understand how effective their services are.

If you are looking to use data to achieve both social and bottom line impact Telljo is one to watch.

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