Purrmetrix is an analytics system that provides real time information on the performance of remote assets. Using a large number of low-cost sensors (known as ‘kittens’) that send temperature and humidity to a web based dashboard for data analysis, Purr allows housing providers to rank the performance of their homes in real-time and understand the causes of problems that arise.


Originally designed for use in data centres where environment control is mission critical, Purrmetrix provides highly accurate data that can be mapped to the floor plan of the property to identify potential problems and analyse the root causes of issues like condensation, overheat, underheat.

HACT’s View:

UK housing is waking up to the value of collecting temperature and humidity data in the home. Augmenting existing asset management with with live data feeds can help housing provider become more proactive in their maintenance processes and effective in dealing with issues such as condensation and mould.

Purrmetrix offers one of the most granular systems available for asset monitoring enabling landlords to identify the exact location and cause of issues arising in the home.

The system is currently being trialed with a large London landlord and early feedback shows that the data is providing real insight.

Business TypeStart-UpOn Launch PadMarch 2017Linkwww.purrmetrix.com