InformedActions are a data insights and analytics company. They provide services and tools to help you make better business decisions based on the data you currently have and new data sources such as IoT sensor data and third party/open data (e.g traffic, weather, socioeconomic etc).

They’re previous deployments include complex environments such as emergency vehicle response and scheduling, predicting call-outs and creating tools for the optimal deployment of resources and services.

InformedActions are working with housing organisations to make the most of their data, providing a holistic view of what is happening with their stock, a number of housing specific use cases including a tenancy churn model, boiler maintenance predictor, call centre predictor and resource optimisation.

If you want to start deriving insights from your data plus begin to take advantage of the benefits augmenting this data with IoT and third party data can offer – get in touch

HACT’s View:

Informed Actions have demonstrated that they can take complex data sets and deliver services that drive efficiencies and improve the users experience. Their team of data scientists and developers are experienced in building solutions across multiple sectors and are ready to take on the challenges the housing sector faces.

They are committed to working in partnership and delivering insights to the right business users at the right time.

If your ready to take start using your data, Informed Actions are worth talking to!

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