Homelync is an IoT integration platform for social landlords. Homelync are building an open ecosystem of suppliers to provide a vendor agnostic platform which enables landlords to deploy IoT technology and gain actionable insights from the data generated.

Homelync simplifies and enables IoT for social landlords by providing a secure IoT internet connection and aggregation platform for data. Homelync does not create or sell its own sensors, instead they connect landlords preferred suppliers helping them to prevent vendor lock in. The data from devices are then simplified, analysed and integrated into either the Homelync dashboard, which provides a single view of property data or insights can be fed to the landlords preferred property management system. Either solution provides a single integrated approach to IoT insights and avoids the issue of multiples siloed dashboards.

HACT’s view:

With many housing providers embarking on IoT pilots and moving towards large scale deployment Homelync emerges at the perfect moment as the technology to make large scale deployment viable and integrated into business as usual. For the value of IoT to be realised we need data and insights accessible to the right people at the right time – this means not spread across different siloed dashboards but in one place or delivered directly to the colleagues who need them. Homelync provides this functionality and more – if you’re thinking of taking IoT to the next level check out Homelync.

Business TypeStart-UpOn Launch PadMarch 2019Linkhomelync.io