EHAB want to drive efficiency in the planning, development and construction processes in order to make sustainable forms of housing more viable. Their aim is to see the increased use of modular and other modern methods of construction for the delivery of affordable housing.

Their platform uses a blockchain as part of a project management system that can bring automation to aspects of the development process and build in transparency through recording project data including deliveries, progress and milestones on a distributed ledger. Their initial tools will include a procurement tool for creating projects, a Joint Venture Contract formation tool and a tracking tool to link events on the construction site directly with the project plan on a blockchain.

EHAB are currently working with Flagship to investigate the possibility of using the system in their future developments. EHAB are actively seeking new partnerships in this space so if you are looking to run a modular pilot of your own or are interested in some of the unique token ownership structures EHAB could provide to your eco-system then get in contact or take a look at our MVP log in at