Cube9Design’s Spacial4D reimagines managing physical assets for housing.

The platform enables housing providers to generate a ‘single version of the truth’ record of their physical assets in a 3D interface. With Spacial4D you can build an asset management system based on accurate high-resolution scans that “capture” a properties condition and dimensions with forensic accuracy. Technology within the Spacial4D platform removes the limitations associated with working with high resolution point cloud scans.  

This visual asset management system revolutionises quantity surveying tasks. Using 3D scans reveals far more than a ground level survey can, cuts down the need for site visits and is a powerful tool for sharing with contractors and for controlling costs.

The Spacial4D platform is highly flexible and can be deployed across a number of business areas including managing leaseholds and delivering section 20 projects.

Cube9Design has built Spacial4D to be “future proof” platform for IOT, CAD, BIM, VR, AI, 4k, 180 & 360 images, Machine Learning, Image Recognition and ready for whatever asset management challenge you throw at it, allowing users to take full advantage of emerging technologies as they come on stream.

Their approach to date has been to work with customers to tailor a system that meets complex business needs so the development process is entirely user driven making the interface an intuitive way of accessing multiple data sources and also capturing and storing “new “data”.

Cube9Design will be presenting at techUK in May so please get in touch with Jay Saggar if you want to book a short demo, want to know more or just fancy having some hands-on time.

HACT’s View:

Cube9Design have ambitious plans to change the way data is represented, visualised and ultimately utilised in housing. Taking large flat databases of 2d data and giving them spatial context is one of the key ways in which businesses will come to make sense of and analyse the growing amount of data they collect.

The team behind Cube9Design bring a wealth of software development experience, their team includes ex NATO developers while their commercial team is headed up by Marc Vollenweider (former Harvard and McKinsey) This combined with the vision to transform the way we work with data.

If you are interested in working with Cube9Design to develop an innovative and bespoke system to visualise your asset data get in touch:
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