City-Insights is a location based information creation and distribution platform. The City-Insights team work with museums, local authorities, developers and housing providers to provide on-demand information at the geographic point it is required.

In housing this means delivering multimedia guides for residents on how to use their home, providing on-site inductions and health and safety briefings for contractors and as tool in planning and consultation to engage and gain feedback from local communities.

City-Insights work with housing providers to source and create content and add it to the the platform – housing providers then have full control to update/modify or remove content as their requirements develop.

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HACT’s View:

City-Insights’ web-based tools bring advanced location-based multimedia content delivery into the hands of housing providers. An intuitive and easy to use interface gives housing providers the ability to create and the flexibility to adapt content for their changing needs.

Location based technology is hot right not and with unprecedented adoption of location based game Pokemon Go the world is waking up to the potential that the devices we use everyday offer for delivering information and experiences related to the real world around us.

City-Insights are ahead of the curve and have tools available now that enable information and content triggered by objects and locations – get in touch to find out how City-Insights coudl be utilised in your business

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