Drones offer a glimpse into our digital future and for some the idea of thousands of unmanned aircraft flying around our cities is slightly terrifying but the impact these craft can have on roof top maintenance is real and imminent. Future Aerial Innovations are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with drones, moving beyond the novelty and hype to providing asset insights.
Due to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulation drone flight in built up areas require prior authorisation for each flight severely restricting the use of drones for aerial inspection of large spreads of housing assets.
The Connected Home Consortium are beginning a pilot scheme with Future Aerial Innovations and 3 housing providers to build a business case for drone use in asset surveys. The pilot intends to demonstrate that landlords can save money through reducing the amount of scaffold they use and enabling new reactive repair regimes.
FAI hope that through working in partnership with the housing sector they will be able to bring a strong case for new regulation to significantly reduce the burden on getting airborne for the purpose of asset inspection.
As the pilot progresses we will keep you up to date with all the latest findings.