Quietyme are US start-up with a multi sensor device that can measure temperature, humidity, light and sound levels. Originally developed for the large private landlord market in the US it has also been successfully deployed in hospitals to help keep track of noise levels on wards.

One of the unique features of Quietyme that makes it particularly suitable to the UK housing sector is that it has been designed primarily as a management tool aimed at businesses rather than a consumer/early adopter technology. Quietyme therefore allows you to monitor multiple devices in different locations on a single dashboard providing an overview of your housing stock. Quietyme can provide alerts when thresholds are breached and has successfully been used to deal with noise complaints in the US.

HACT’s View:

Quietyme is a product aimed at businesses and for this reason it already offers many of the features social landlords require. Quietyme is also market ready and a great solution for housing providers looking for a tool that works out the box. Having been used in the large private rental market in the US, Quietyme already have expertise in using noise data collected to help deal with instances of anti social behavior.

HACT are currently trialing Quietyme in our offices. 15 units have been deployed in meeting rooms collecting data on temperature, humidity, light and noise levels. We are working with our building managers to understand how this data can be used to help free up booked meeting rooms which are no longer occupied.

If your interested in learning more about our trial or finding out what Quietyme can offer your business get in touch.

Business TypeStart-upOn Launch PadJuly 2016Pilot StatusHACT are currently Piloting Quietyme in our officeLinkquietyme.com