Cube9Design is creating a platform in which Laser scans, 2D & 360 photography, remote sensing, mapping, lidar, CAD and BIM data can all function alongside your existing asset data in a single interface.

Currently the data we have on our assets is typically very two dimensional so we need complex ‘dash boards’ and search engines to access these databases. While spreadsheets may suit some applications it’s typically not intuitive way to work for the majority of the of the workforce.

Cube9Design gives housing providers a ‘visual interface’ for their data in which you can visually explore and click to drill down into your data. In this form relevant data from multiple databases are held at your fingertips.

The system is built ready for the Internet of Things and provides an innovative way to take the many millions of data points that will be generated from this technology and present it alongside existing housing data.

HACT’s View:

Cube9design have ambitious plans to change the way data is represented, visualised and ultimately utilised in housing. Taking large flat databases of 2d data and giving them spatial context is one of the key ways in which businesses will come to make sense of and analyse the growing amount of data they collect.

The team behind Cloud9design bring a wealth of software development experience combined with the vision to transform the way we work with data.

If you are interested in working with Cloud9design to develop an innovate and bespoke system to visualise your asset data get in touch

Business TypeStart-upOn Launch PadJune 2016Pilot StatusLooking for early stage POC PilotsPilot Sign UpOpen