Cloudview provides businesses with the ability to securely and easily capture, store, retrieve and share visual data by cloud-enabling CCTV.

Cloudview retrofits to your existing CCTV system furnishing under utilised and often difficult to operate systems with new functionality and advanced management tools.

The ability to monitor assets at a distance has a multitude of uses in housing, from creating safer environments for residents, staff and contractors through to keeping track of the condition and cleanliness of common areas.

Cloudview has been successfully deployed in sheltered accommodation and provides highly secure and audited access controls so you can confident that personal data is protected.

HACT’s View:

Cloudview offers a unique opportunity to bring existing surveillance assets into the IoT age. Connected CCTV offers more than just the ability to easily retrieve video when incidents arise – it allows landlords to remotely monitor asset condition and understand how common areas are used.

Visual data can be used to remotely check if work has been completed and can enhance the future design and planning of new shared spaces.

We encourage housing providers with existing CCTV systems to experiment with Cloudview to explore use cases and discover the potential benefits this technology can offer your business. Cloudview’s first pilot in the sector, brokered through HACT, helped a landlord ensure they received value for money from their contracts in addition to improving resident safety.

If you are interested in discovering the benefits of cloud enabling your CCTV system get in touch for a risk free trial of the Cloudview system.

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