ChargeSync’s technology is designed to cut power bills and emissions by storing and optimising power for household or business consumption.

ChargeSync’s StorQube stores power when its cheap, and discharges power, reducing your consumption when it’s expensive. Since renewable generation occurs unpredictably ChargeSync allows you to use more locally generated power and rely less on carbon producing forms of generation.

ChargeSync works with or without local PV generation storing energy when market electricity prices are high

HACT’s View:

ChargeSync are pioneering energy demand shift technology in the UK and in the medium to long term we predict that demand shifting technology will become widely adopted in both residential and business contexts due to incentives offered by the national grid and energy generators.

ChargeSync offer a great opportunity for housing providers who wants to be at the forefront of green tech and who are interested in opening up channels to diversify revenue through entering the energy market.

To work with ChargeSync and HACT to collaborate on creating a revolutionary system of energy management for the housing sector get in touch

Business TypeStart-upOn Launch PadJune 2016Pilot StatusEarly stage POC and beta testingPilot Sign