Blue Maestro Tempo Discs

The Tempo Disc in the newest in the range of sensors from Blue Maestro. The ultra low profile design molding holds technology that logs temperature and humidity readings at up to 2 second intervals. Data is retrieved via a Bluetooth connection to a smart device. Tempos are at price point intended to allow devices to be deployed on mass in housing enabling housing providers to manage issues of damp, condensation and mould through providing an accurate picture of how humidity levels change throughout the day.

Tempo discs require almost no set up and can even be self deployed by residents.

As part of HACT’s Connected Home Consortium project the first generation Blue Maestro Tempos were piloted by 10 housing providers to overwhelming praise. In the trial Housing providers successfully used Tempos to identify where damp issues were caused by resident behaviour or structural issues with the building and to collect data in instances of legal disrepair.

Tempo Discs are ideal for deployment at the beginning of a tenancy as a tool to help new residents understand how best to live in their new home. Blue Maestro also have plans for a wifi enabled hub to allow the devices to directly send data back to housing providers office or device.

HACT’s View:

Blue Maestro have successfully demonstrated that smart low cost technology can make a serious difference to the way complaints relating to damp, condensation and mould can be dealt with. It enables housing providers to take a data focused approach to dealing with damp related complaints and also reduces the resources required to deal with such incidents.

As part of a HACT brokered trial 10 housing providers tested out the first version of Tempo providing feedback to Blue Maestro. The new Tempo disc is the product of this feedback with many suggested improvements included in the new design.

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