Ally Chatbot

Ally Chatbot is a tool that helps housing associations, councils and charities to provide scalable, 24 hour support to all of their residents instantly. A Chatbot is software that replicates real-life conversation to deliver information to users and Ally uses playful language and engaging content to relay information in an accessible way, 24 hours a day.

Ally Chatbot was first built to support YMCA service users but the technology has a wide variety of applications across housing Including:

  1. Sustaining tenancies: By using Ally, housing associations can mitigate the risk of their tenants falling into arrears and being evicted. Ally can support residents to maximise income through benefit advice, debt write-off, and helping people into employment.
  2. Improve efficiency: Ally helps people get simple advice without having to call customer hotlines or talk to support workers. This efficiency saving can free up time and money for the organisation
  3. Focus on the complex: By freeing up precious staff time, Ally allows staff to spend more of their day focusing on complex issues. In this way, the housing sector can ensure it is providing the optimum level of support to its residents.

The founders would love to pilot this project within your organisation and demonstrate its value. Please get in contact to learn more, arrange a demo or to discuss a pilot.